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Maple Custom Nouveau Drums

Bass Drum (I like to use different sizes, depending on the music)

14x18, 16x20, 18x22, or 18x24


12x8, 14x14, 16x16

Snare Drum

5.5x14 steel drum with aluminum cast hoops

I have been using Yamaha drums since 1983. They are by far, the most innovative drum company, producing high-quality drums and hardware for many years. I can always depend on them sounding great and they continue to inspire me creatively.

Yamaha Drums
Sabian/Crescent Cymbals
Remo Drum Heads

I use a wide variety of models including the Masters and Vanguard series.


Each Crescent cymbal is completely hand-made by a master cymbal maker. Each instrument is truly a work of art! They have a dark, earthy, funky quality that is music to my ears.

Heads: Coated Ambassador, Clear Ambassador, and Fiberskyn


I started endorsing Remo Drum Heads in 1992 when I joined Maynard Ferguson’s Big Band.  I have been using them all of my life.

Innovative Percussion

Sticks: Legacy 7A, (Wood and Nylon tip)


Mallets: GT-3 and GT-4


Other stuff: BR-1, BR-5, and BR-3


Innovative Percussion is a first-class company, which leads the industry in both design and quality. Innovative Percussion is the “BMW” of stick and mallet manufacturers.

Humes & Berg Cases

Cymbal Case: Enduro Case Form Fitted Tilt-n-Pull


Drum Cases: Enduro Cases and Drum Seeker Bags

Humes & Berg Cases provide the finest protection for my instruments.  I have taken my 22” Tilt-n-Pull cymbal case all over the world many times.

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